Yowie Bay

Yowie Bay is a suburb located in the southern suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The suburb is part of Sutherland Shire council area and has an approximate elevation of 28 m (92 ft).

Yowie Bay enjoys a relaxed lifestyle and is also home to several parks and playing fields. There are many cafes, bars, and restaurants nearby, as well as several shopping centres.


If you’re looking for a quiet suburb with beautiful beaches and plenty of outdoor activities, Yowie Bay may be the perfect place for you. It’s definitely worth considering if you’re thinking of moving to Sydney.

Did you know?

The name 'Yowie Bay' was derived from the the 'yowies'; hairy human-like mythical creatures believed by Aboriginal Australians to inhabit remote areas in eastern Australia.

Yowie Bay FAQ's

Yes, Yowie Bay is definitely a great suburb for families. There are plenty of parks and outdoor activities to keep the kids entertained, and the nearby beaches are perfect for a day out. There are also several schools located nearby, making it a great place to raise children.


Local Businesses in Yowie Bay

Yowie Bay Marina: http://www.yowiebaymarina.com.au/

Vanessa’s Beauty http://www.vanessasbeauty.com.au/